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from clients, galleries, artists, participants

"Brilliant, freedom. Nice way to think differently/creatively about everyday objects to overlay and create with others"


"I can see this idea having lots of applications and being a great way to free up and collaborate, I enjoyed it, thank you"


"Fun, energetic, related well to exhibition"


"The large drawing looks great, I want to colour it in now – on the wall like a mural"


"Grace, really good activity for schools, pre GCSE, good starting point activity"


"Good fun, very encouraging for children and adults"


"Engaging for younger audience with links to concept"

"Many thanks... for a super day on Thursday. We found the exhibition really interesting and an inspiration to our topic back in class. The art session was great, really well organised and very light to carry back!


"We have made our own river on the wall from the rubbings and put their pictures around it. The polystyrene templates are now hanging from the ceiling. No doubt we will visit again in the summer term"


"Making new shapes with objects round the room was fun, active and I enjoyed collaborating"


"Enjoyable, spontaneous drawing – naturally collaborative by adding to other’s drawings"


"I like the suggestion of encouraging YP to be curator if they are not keen on taking part in the drawing itself"


"Looked good, lots of room for expression. Greatly diverse, flexible, engaging and fun"


"Grace, I like the visual outcome. Great, group based as well as individual"


"confident in her delivering to families, schools etc"






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