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Founded by Grace in 2015, 'Maverick' is a freelance art education service. Working with various local and national organisations through workshops in their learning programmes, gallery assistance or within the school environment, to promote innovation and excitement about the arts. For Grace, enjoyment manifests itself in creating original designs and resources for education to aid the visual learning processes, as well as encouraging fresh and critically engaging interpretation of artwork in a school or gallery setting.


Recently trained as an Art's Award Advisor to Bronze, Silver & Gold levels, with volunteer experience working on Bronze awards at the British Museum, Grace can provide internationally recognised results on a personal level, working in a workshop format in small groups or full classes (ages 5-18+). A flexible creative practitioner dedicated to arts & gallery education for all ages, Grace has worked as Associate Learning Artist with Firstsite gallery Colchester on a freelance basis and is currently Learning & Participation Officer at the Royal Opera House. Please see her testimonials & use this contact form for inquiries.

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