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"I have always explored pushing the boundaries and limitations of painting; stretching them like the beautiful elasticity and materiality of paint itself - with a pluralism of practice. Focusing on collage, photography, canvas manipulation and my guilty pleasure of paint itself - I play with composite parts to form a constellation of singular yet related forms that take place between both clearly defined spaces and undefined voids. Sometimes in three dimensions, but predominantly in two - this palette of objects co-exists to centralise the form as a new frame for painting.


Focusing on the perceptual experience of an installation, a tension manifests itself in the arrangement of painterly elements creating a temporal dimension; here the single point perspective of painting collapses. Through the use of an environment with traces of the conventional interior, a spatial presence and human scale affect the viewer and highlight their conscious proximity to the work, transmuting this art to be truly integrated into the praxis of life.


My playful perfectionism forces me to compartmentalize and arrange elements in all facets of my life. I have positioned my three-dimensional practice as expanded sculptural painting; with my collages as imaginary plans for immersive and extravagant work that will likely never come to fruition full-scale. Luxury interior design items and on-trend colour forecasting steer these collage creations; like a mood board they allude to the concept of a desirable space.


Using vintage tonal colour, as well as my own analogue photography processed in a traditional darkroom, selected items of interest embellish the collages and promote an evocative narrative. I hope to develop the visual result to be an eclectic mix of painting, contemporary culture and a vision of an interior utopia. My aim is to propel my practice beyond its traditional category and transcend it into the fertile future of painting."

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